Easter Story


This is a brief synopsis of the Easter events illustrated by pictures from different artists showing how they have been inspired by the story of Jesus being arrested, sentenced, crucified, buried and then rising again from the tomb.

Palm Sunday


Jesus rides into Jerusalem on a donkey and is met by enthusiastic crowds waving palms

The Last Supper


Jesus and his disciples eat together in an “upper room”.  Jesus washes the feet of his disciples and identifies Judas as the one that will betray him

Jesus is crucified


Jesus is tried, Pilate washes his hands of the verdict and Jesus carries his cross to the place of execution.  He is crucified along two robbers.  This unusual view of jesus on the cross is a powerful image.

Jesus is buried


Jesus is buried on the day of crucifixion – Good Friday and rises again on the third day – Easter Sunday (again in our calendar)

Jesus rises from the tomb


The two Marys find the tomb empty and talk to someone that they think is the gardener until they realise it is Jesus.  These two women, the first to see Jesus, run to tell the disciples.

HOLY WEEK at Sanderstead Methodist Church

The blog entry below has information on hot cross buns, eaten on Good Friday at the end of Lent

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