Christmas Story

The Christmas Story is familiar to many of us from the Bible and from retelling through nativity plays at school through to church services and widely on all sorts of media.

The greatest story ever told would make a good media headline (TV, Newspaper, Social media etc)

The main characters are Mary and Joseph and is about the birth of their son Jesus Christ. It is a story of love, faith and describes the commitment of Jesus’ parents and the difficulties they had to overcome around the time of his birth.

Jesus was of humble birth – born in a stable behind an inn in Bethlehem, then a little town.

You can look it up in the bible in Matthew 1:18-25, 2:1-12; Luke 1:26-38, 2:1-20.

If you don’t have one to hand try Bible Gateway and enter the book (Matthew or Luke) and it will start at chapter 1.

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