Church Services

Sunday morning at 1030 am we have our main service.  This usually lasts just over an hour and there is an opportunity for tea or coffee and a chat with others after the service.

If you are visiting us for a service and are unfamiliar with what happens, have a word with the person on the door and we’ll find someone to sit near you and guide you (socially distanced during the current Covid restrictions).  

For most services all the words you will use are on the projector screen as are all the songs/hymns.

Please see the  Notices  link for this week’s and next week’s services:

Future church services are on this link

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Vine services are produced by 12 Baskets for the Methodist Church. They are transitioning (during May) from the currently produced short version (that can be distributed free without infringing copyright) to a Personal Reflection on the week’s lectionary readings. As a consequence we will stop putting them on our website from the end of May 2021.

Summary of main types of service

Children are welcome to all of our services, but are especially welcome on the 1st and 3rd sundays of each month. On these sundays we have a childrens session during the main service. The children then go to their own room for bible based fun and activities in small groups.

  • The first Sunday of each month at 10:30 until 11:30
    • The children leave after about 10 minutes
  •   The third Sunday of each month at 10:30 until 11:30
    • The children leave after about 10 minutes
  • Brownie Parades services are from 10:30 until 11:30
    • The Brownies and children stay in for a family friendly service or leave as in the 1st 3rd Sundays above.
  • When the children leave the main service they enjoy some time altogether in small groups
    • Having Fun!
    • Completing activities and games
    • Learning about bible stories
  • Refreshments are provided
  • Each session lasts about an hour from the start of the main service

There are communion services scheduled about once a month.

Circuit Plan:  There is a list of planned services in the circuit on the Purley Methodist website:

Purley Methodist Circuit: