Prayer is God’s initiative, a gift which enables us to be attentive to the presence of God in our lives and in the world. It is also a means of expressing what we believe about God and can prompt us to act to change the world as we respond to God’s love.



Gracious God,

As the days shorten,

and the pale, wintry sun

bathes the sky with light,

so may our anxiety abate

and the warmth of your love

cleanse and purify our lives.

Promised One,

As the ice skims the pond

and bright frost

gilds the leaf with glory,

may the clarity of your call

awaken us to new hope

and new beginnings.

Holy Spirit of transformation,

Help us to clear the way

for the coming Christ-child.

As the red sun sinks behind black branches,

slip into our lives,

and surprise us by the welcome warmth

of your coming.

See our Services  if you would like to sing praises to the Lord with us! Although currently these are suspended due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

You can make a prayer request via the comments feature of this page.

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