Prayer Line

We have had a prayer cross in our vestibule where any user of our premises can leave a short prayer and these are included in our intercessions during Sunday services.

During the current Coronavirus Pandemic, there are health risks in sharing paper, many of us cannot attend church when it is open and Government and Methodist restrictions have required the church to close for services at which point we have been using Zoom instead.

Our Prayer Page has a space at the bottom for you to make a comment – Please use this to post any prayers that you would have put on the prayer cross in the vestibule.

You can also email Bob or ring the Dears and they will pass this along to the Worship leader and/or the Intercessionary Prayer leader for inclusion in Sunday worship.

For other online service options follow these Zoom service and Vine Service links to our pages.

SMC return to worship from Sunday November 1st

We have returned to church so services are on Sundays at 10:30. We have a booking system as numbers will be restricted due to social distancing requirements. Members will also need to comply with contact and tracing regulations. Please read Faith’s letter inviting you back carefully first.

Due to current Covid infection levels OUR SERVICES ARE CURRENTLY BEING HELD ON-LINE ONLY

We are keeping in touch with our members and the community via telephone and email. If you wish to contact us please email our Minister, Rev’d Faith Nyota or telephone her 020 8660 0033.

You can now make Online Prayer Requests on our Prayer Page for inclusion in our prayers of intercession during Sunday services (whether these are held at church or on Zoom). See Bob’s post on Prayer Line

Contact Bob (Dear) if you want to join in, or if you don’t have the Zoom app installed