Menu restructuring

I have carried out a major pruning of the menus.  This was because there was a lot of duplication with the same pages being referenced in several menus.  As a result all these menu items had to be loaded every time someone wanted to see a page – and the time to load was getting longer and longer.

Let Bob know if there is anything that is poorly referenced in the menus.  I can either add a menu item or put in short cuts on selected pages to take the people to the page in question (if it interests them).

Methodist Conference statement regarding Jerusalem

The President and Vice-President of the Methodist Conference have released the following statement regarding Jerusalem.

The Heads of Churches in Jerusalem this week wrote to President Donald Trump, saying that their “solemn advice and plea is for the United States to continue recognizing the present international status of Jerusalem”. We share the profound concerns expressed in that letter. The unilateral action of the United States government over Jerusalem makes the path to a negotiated settlement less clear.

The Methodist Church has previously said that Jerusalem’s special status as “a place for two nations and three faiths is the real basis upon which trust could be built up among the different communities”. We believe that a lasting peace can only be based on trust, security and freedom from fear for all people. We offer prayers for the people of Palestine and Israel, for Jew, Muslim and Christian, echoing the Psalmist as we pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

Link follows:…/news-relea…/statement-on-jerusalem