God’s World

The Bible has a couple of dozen references to the colour green.

Some of the more memorable verses include:

  • Genesis 1 v30 ….. I give every green plant for food.
  • Psalm 23 v2 …….. He makes me lie down in green pastures, ….
  • Psalm 92 v14 …… They will bear fruit in old age, they will stay fresh and green.

Jesus says we should love one another.  If we take this to it’s logical conclusion by loving and supporting each other we will also be good stewards for our planet.  So we should be supporting green initiatives such as recycling because we will all benefit from them.

Caring for God’s World

All Saints Church in Sanderstead have a green team that has  produced the leaflets below –  on reducing our footprint (and so Caring for God’s World), an A-Z guide to recycling and re-using and recycling your old tools via Wisley Tool Shed for community use once refurbished at HMP Wandsworth

Reducing our footprint

Sanderstead Recycling

October Wisley Toolshed